Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhelg Lv 2I/6 — meðan ‘as long as’

Bǫls, þats lind í landi
landrifs fyr ver handan
golli merkð við galla
grjótǫlnis skal fǫlna.
Þann myndak við vilja
valklifs, meðan lifðak,
— alin erumk bjǫrk at bǫlvi
bands — algrœnan standa.

Bǫls, þats lind landrifs, merkð golli, skal fǫlna í landi fyr handan ver við galla grjótǫlnis. Myndak vilja þann við valklifs standa algrœnan, meðan lifðak; bjǫrk bands erumk alin at bǫlvi.

It is a misery that the linden-tree of the land-rib [STONE (steinn ‘jewel’) > WOMAN = Steinvǫr], distinguished with gold, must grow pale in a land across the sea with the affliction of the stone-mackerel [SNAKE > WINTER]. I would wish that tree of the falcon-cliff [ARM > WOMAN] to stand fully green as long as I lived; the birch of the headband [WOMAN] is born to bring me misery.



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