Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Liðs 5I/1 — hlýra ‘of the brother’

Hár þykki mér, hlýra,
hinn jarl, es brá snarla
— mær spyrr vitr, at væri
valkǫstr — ara fǫstu.
En þekkjǫndum þykkir
þunnblás meginásar
hǫrð, sús hilmir gerði,
hríð, á Tempsar síðu.

Hinn jarl, es snarla brá fǫstu hlýra ara, þykki mér hár; vitr mær spyrr, at væri valkǫstr. En hríð, sús hilmir gerði á síðu Tempsar, þykkir hǫrð þekkjǫndum meginásar þunnblás.

That jarl, who briskly broke the fast of the brother of the eagle [RAVEN/EAGLE], seems tall to me; the wise maiden hears that there was a heap of the slain. And the battle which the ruler waged on the bank of the Thames seems hard to knowers of the powerful pole of the thin linen cord [ARROW > BOWMEN].



case: gen.


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