Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bersi Ólfl 1I/5 — Orð ‘words’

Hróðrs batt heilan líða
hagkennanda þenna,
en snarrœki slíku
svarat unnum vér gunnar.
Orð seldum þau elda
úthauðrs boða trauðir
knarrar hapts, sem keyptak,
kynstórs, at við brynju.

Batt þenna hagkennanda hróðrs líða heilan, en vér unnum svarat slíku snarrœki gunnar. Trauðir hapts seldum þau orð kynstórs boða elda úthauðrs knarrar, sem keyptak at við brynju.

You bade this skilled conveyor of praise [POET = me] to fare well, and we [I] managed to reply in kind to the keen cultivator of battle [WARRIOR = you, Óláfr]. Reluctant for hindrance, we [I] sold those words to the kin-mighty offerer of the fires of the outlying land of the ship [SEA > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = you, Óláfr] just as I had bought [them] from the tree of the mail-shirt [WARRIOR = you, Óláfr].


[5] Orð: auð 325VI, 75a, 78aˣ



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