Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þloft Glækv 2I/5 — æ ‘always’

Nú hefr sér
til sess hagat
í Þrándheimi.
Þar vill æ
ævi sína
bauga brjótr
byggðum ráða.

Nú hefr þjóðkonungr hagat sér til sess í Þrándheimi. Þar vill brjótr bauga ráða byggðum æ ævi sína.

Now the great king [= Sveinn] has arranged himself on the throne in Trøndelag. There the breaker of rings [GENEROUS MAN] will rule the settlements always throughout his life.


[5] æ: om. 39, ey Holm2, 325VI, 321ˣ, alla 325VII


[5] æ ‘always’: Skj B, Skald and Magerøy all print the related form ey (witnessed by mss including the authoritative Holm2), no doubt to avoid the rhyming clash of æ with the following word ævi.



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