Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 19II/7 — laust ‘loose’

Unðak vel, þás vanðisk
víneik tali mínu,
— gæfr vask vǫlsku vífi
vánarlaust — á hausti.
Nú gerik enn, þvít unnum
áttgóðu vel fljóði,
— grjót verðr laust at láta
límsett — ara mettan.

Unðak vel á hausti, þás víneik vanðisk tali mínu; vask vánarlaust gæfr vǫlsku vífi. Nú gerik enn ara mettan, þvít unnum áttgóðu fljóði vel; límsett grjót verðr at láta laust.

I liked it well in the autumn when the wine-oak [WOMAN] got used to my conversation; I was clearly pleasing to the French woman. Now I make the eagle replete again, because we [I] love the well-born woman well; the mortared stone is starting to come loose.



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