Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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TorfE Lv 1I/5 — meðan ‘while’

Sékat Hrolfs ór hendi
né Hrollaugi fljúga
dǫrr á dolga mengi;
dugir oss fǫður hefna.
En í kveld, meðan knýjum,
of kerstraumi, rómu,
þegjandi sitr þetta
Þórir jarl á Mœri.

Sékat dǫrr fljúga ór hendi Hrolfs né Hrollaugi á mengi dolga; dugir oss hefna fǫður. En í kveld, meðan knýjum rómu, sitr Þórir jarl þetta þegjandi of kerstraumi á Mœri.

I do not see spears flying from Hrólfr’s hand nor from Hrollaugr’s in the throng of enemies; it is right for us to avenge our father. Yet this evening, while we [I] press our [my] attack, Þórir jarl ignores this in silence over his cup-stream [DRINK] in Møre.


[5] meðan: so J1ˣ, J2ˣ, Flat, 301ˣ, 761bˣ, þar er with meðan in margin , þar er F, 332ˣ, meðan with þar er in margin FskAˣ


[5] meðan ‘while’: Finnur Jónsson (1884, 96) argues for this reading on the grounds that neither meaning of the variant þars (causal ‘since’ or local ‘where’) fits the context.



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