Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 2II/4 — ara ‘of the eagle’

Þing bauð út inn ungi
eggrjóðandi þjóðum;
fim bar hirð til hǫmlu
hervæðr ara bræðis.
Salt skar húfi héltum
hraustr þjóðkonungr austan;
bôru brimlogs rýri
brún veðr at Sigtúnum.

Inn ungi eggrjóðandi bauð þjóðum út þing; fim hirð bræðis ara bar hervæðr til hǫmlu. Hraustr þjóðkonungr skar salt héltum húfi austan; brún veðr bôru rýri brimlogs at Sigtúnum.

The young blade-reddener [WARRIOR] summoned men to the assembly; lively, the troop of the feeder of the eagle [WARRIOR] went in war-garb [ARMOUR] to the rowing positions. The valiant mighty king clove the salt with rime-spread hull from the east; sharp gales bore the diminisher of surf-fire [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] towards Sigtuna (Sigtúnir).


[4] ara: ‘aara’ 61


[4] bræðis ara ‘of the feeder of the eagle [WARRIOR]’: Ara is taken here as gen. sg., but gen. pl. is also possible, hence ‘feeder of eagles’.




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