Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Har 7II/3 — náttar ‘overnights’

Haraldr þeysti nú hraustla
helming sinn at Elfi;
náttar Nóregs dróttinn
nær at landamæri.
Gramr á þing við Þumla;
þars eindagaðr Sveini
hrafni skyldr, nema haldi,
hans fundr, Danir undan.

Haraldr þeysti nú helming sinn hraustla at Elfi; dróttinn Nóregs náttar nær at landamæri. Gramr á þing við Þumla; þars fundr hans, skyldr hrafni, eindagaðr Sveini, nema Danir haldi undan.

Haraldr has now rushed his troop boldly towards the Götaälv (Elfr); the lord of Norway [= Haraldr] overnights close to the lands’ boundary. The prince holds an assembly off Þumli; there a meeting with him, owed to the raven, is appointed for Sveinn, unless the Danes head away.


[3] náttar: náttið H, Hr



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