Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Árm Lv 4II/2 — þrǫm ‘gunwale’

Eigum vér, þars vági
verpr inn of þrǫm stinnan,
— þann hǫfum vér at vinna —
varðhald á skæ barða,
meðan í nótt hjá nýtri
námdúks hǫrundmjúkri
lókr sefr lind inn veiki;
lítk of ǫxl til Krítar.

Vér eigum varðhald á skæ barða, þars vági verpr inn of stinnan þrǫm—vér hǫfum þann at vinna—, meðan inn veiki lókr sefr í nótt hjá nýtri, hǫrundmjúkri lind námdúks; lítk of ǫxl til Krítar.

We keep watch on the steed of the prow [SHIP], where the billow is thrown in over the sturdy gunwale—we have that to do—, while the feeble weakling sleeps tonight beside the excellent, soft-skinned lime-tree of the kerchief [WOMAN]; I look over my shoulder towards Crete.



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