Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Árm Lv 3II/3 — sorg ‘grief’

Ek mun Ermingerði,
nema ǫnnur skǫp verði,
— margr elr sorg of svinna —
síðan aldri finna.
Værak sæll, ef ek svæfa
— sýn væri þat gæfa —
— brúðr hefr allfagrt enni —
eina nótt hjá henni.

Ek mun aldri síðan finna Ermingerði, nema ǫnnur skǫp verði; margr elr sorg of svinna. Værak sæll, ef ek svæfa eina nótt hjá henni; þat væri sýn gæfa; brúðr hefr allfagrt enni.

I shall never again meet Ermingerðr, unless another fate comes about; many a man nurtures grief for the wise lady. I would be blessed if I could sleep one night beside her; that would be obvious luck; the lady has a very attractive forehead.


[3] sorg: sút R702ˣ


[3] sorg ‘grief’: The variant sút (with the same meaning) may be preferable in that it avoids the skothending of margr and sorg in a st. with no regular internal rhyme.



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