Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magnfl 17II/7 — rauð ‘reddened’

Hizig laut, es heitir
Helganes, fyr kesjum
(sukku sárir rekkar)
Sveins ferð (bana verðir).
Mætr helt mǫrgu spjóti
Mœra gramr í snœri;
odd rauð aski studdan
ǫrr landreki dǫrrum.

Ferð Sveins laut fyr kesjum hizig, es heitir Helganes; sárir rekkar sukku, verðir bana. Mætr gramr Mœra helt mǫrgu spjóti í snœri; ǫrr landreki rauð dǫrrum odd aski studdan.

Sveinn’s troop stooped before halberds there, where it is called Helgenæs; wounded champions sank down, deserving death. The excellent lord of the Mœrir [NORWEGIAN KING = Magnús] held many a spear in its thong; the valiant land-ruler reddened with spears the point hafted [lit. supported] with ash.



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