Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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ÞjóðA Magnfl 5II/2 — fǫgru ‘fine things’

Sjalfr vas austr við Elfi
Ulfs mǫgr ok hét fǫgru;
þar réð Sveinn at sverja
sínar hendr at skríni.
Réð Ôleifs sonr eiðum,
— átt hafa þeira sáttir
skemmra aldr an skyldi —
Skônunga gramr, hônum.

Mǫgr Ulfs vas sjalfr austr við Elfi ok hét fǫgru; þar réð Sveinn at sverja hendr sínar at skríni. Sonr Ôleifs, gramr Skônunga, réð hônum eiðum; sáttir þeira hafa átt skemmra aldr an skyldi.

Úlfr’s kinsman [= Sveinn Úlfsson] himself was east at the Götaälv (Elfr), and promised fine things; there Sveinn did pledge himself [lit. his hands] at the shrine. Óláfr’s son [= Magnús], the lord of the Skánungar [= Magnús], dictated oaths to him; their peace-agreements have had a shorter life than they ought.



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