Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 13II/4 — breiðar ‘along the broad’

Drógu dynsveigis
darra flugskjarrir
báta baugnjótar
breiðar strandleiðir.
Eyddu óhræddir
eyjar geirþeyjum
vegs í víðbygðu*
vatni herskatnar.

Flugskjarrir baugnjótar darra dynsveigis drógu báta breiðar strandleiðir. Óhræddir herskatnar vegs eyddu eyjar í víðbygðu* vatni geirþeyjum.

The flight-shy ring-users [GENEROUS MEN] of the swayer of the din of spears [(lit. ‘of the din-swayer of spears’) BATTLE > WARRIOR] pulled the boats along the broad beach-paths. The fearless war-men of honour devastated the islands in the widely inhabited lake with spear-winds [BATTLE].



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