Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sturl Hrafn 11II/7 — af ‘from’

Brunnu búmanna
bygðir ódygðar;
heitr var hafsætrum
hallar lífgalli.
Fellu fleinþollar
feigir svanteigar
suðr af sæskíðum
sóttir herdróttum.

Bygðir ódygðar búmanna brunnu; lífgalli hallar var heitr hafsætrum. Feigir fleinþollar fellu suðr, sóttir herdróttum svanteigar af sæskíðum.

The dwellings of faithless farmers burned; the life-harm of the hall [FIRE] was hot in the sea-settlements. Doomed spear-firs [WARRIORS] fell in the south, attacked by the war-bands of the swan-field [SEA] from the sea-skis [SHIPS].


[7] af: so 325X, Flat, á F, 8


[7] af sæskíðum ‘from the sea-skis [SHIPS]’: So NN §3152. The Norw. troops had beached their ships and advanced onto the Scottish mainland. Skj B takes this to mean that the Scots fell on their ships, but no Scottish ships are mentioned in the prose.



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