Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfagr Sveinn 1II/5 — Vinðr ‘Wends’

Fúrsendir vann fjǫndum
fjǫrspell í gný hjǫrva
(brôð fekk hrafn fyr Heiða-)
haukstorða (-bœ norðan).
Rôkusk Vinðr, en vákar
vals ginu þar und halsa,
— dauðr lá herr á heiði
hundmargr — fáir undan.

Haukstorða fúrsendir vann fjǫndum fjǫrspell í gný hjǫrva; hrafn fekk brôð fyr norðan Heiðabœ. Fáir Vinðr rôkusk undan, en vákar vals ginu þar und halsa; hundmargr herr lá dauðr á heiði.

The distributor of the fire of hawk-lands [(lit. ‘the fire-distributor of hawk-lands’) ARMS > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] inflicted death on enemies in the din of swords [BATTLE]; the raven got meat north of Hedeby. Few Wends got away, and the buzzard-hawks of the slain [RAVENS/EAGLES] gaped beneath necks there; a tremendously large host lay dead on the heath.


[5] Vinðr: ‘Vindar’ 19ˣ



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