Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Hák) 1II/5 — Skúli ‘Skúli’

Rekit vas Rǫgnvalds dauða,
þás randviðir brendu,
— þurru hús fyr harra —
harða, austan fjarðar.
Vasa tál, at skaut Skúli
skjalþrungnum Foldungum
— eldr lék hús fyr hauldum —
hingat skelk í bringu.

Dauða Rǫgnvalds vas rekit harða, þás randviðir brendu austan fjarðar; hús þurru fyr harra. Vasa tál, at Skúli skaut skelk í bringu skjalþrungnum Foldungum hingat; eldr lék hús fyr hauldum.

Rǫgnvaldr’s death was avenged severely when shield-rim trees [WARRIORS] set fires east of the fjord; houses crumbled because of the lord. It was no lie that Skúli inspired fear in the hearts of the garrulous Foldungar here; fire destroyed houses for the freeholders.



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