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Anon Gyð 6VII

Katrina Attwood (ed.) 2007, ‘Anonymous Poems, Gyðingsvísur 6’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 522-3.

Anonymous PoemsGyðingsvísur

Nær f…z jafnt og aurar
æskibjóðr frá þjóðum
virðing …
valstafna … jafnan.
Allr þóttiz þá Ullar
ielherðandi verða
skýrr af skreytiárum
skorðu mars fyr borði.

{Æskibjóðr {… {valstafna}}} f…z jafnan nær jafnt … aurar og virðing frá þjóðum. {Skýrr {Ullar iel}herðandi} þóttiz þá verða allr fyr borði af {skreytiárum {mars skorðu}}.

{The wishing-offerer {of the … {of the falcon’s perches}}} [ARMS > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] … always almost equal … money and reputation from men. {The pure strengthener {of the storm of Ullr <god>}} [(lit. ‘storm-strengthener of Ullr’) BATTLE > WARRIOR] then considerered that he would be completely thrown over by {the decorous envoys {of the horse of the boat-prop}} [SHIP > SEAFARERS].

Mss: B(14v), 399a-bˣ

Readings: [1] f…z: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, ‘[...]z’ B, ‘[...]’ BFJ    [2] æskibjóðr: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘[...]skibiódr’ B    [3] …: ‘[...]se[...]a’ B, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘[...]se[...]da’ 399a‑bˣ    [4] …: ‘[...]’ B, 399a‑bˣ, ‘(tom)’(?) BRydberg, kom BFJ    [5] Ullar: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘[...]llar’ B    [7] skreytiárum: ‘[...]arum’ B, 399a‑bˣ, BFJ, ‘[...]y[...]iarum’ BRydberg    [8] skorðu: ‘skorda’ B, 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, skorðu BFJ

Editions: Skj AII, 540, Skj BII, 598, Skald II, 332, NN §3392; Rydberg 1907, 42, 59, Attwood 1996a, 347.

Notes: [1-4]: The ms. is dark and very badly damaged, and it has been necessary to rely extensively on previous transcribers’ readings. This edn considers 399a-bˣ (the earliest surviving transcript) as an accurate account of B, but has reconstructed only where its readings suggest that the reconstruction is plausible. This makes for a less complete, but less conjectural, text than previous eds. The general sense of ll. 1-4 seems to be that the previously generous man found that people’s estimate of him declined as his money ran out. — [1] f…z: B is very badly worn, and only the last letter, either a <z> or an <ꝛ> is visible. The 399a-bˣ transcriber was able to make out only initial <f> and final <z>. The word must have been a finite strong verb, pret. sg. m.v., almost certainly 3rd pers., for which the defective man-kenning æskibjóðr ... valstafna ‘wishing-offerer of the ... of the falcon’s perches [ARMS > ?GOLD > GENEROUS MAN]’ provides the subject. Skj B adopts var ‘was’, while Skald opts for fellz ‘perished, deteriorated’ and changes ms. ‘ok’ to sem (see NN §3392). — [5] Ullar: Named in Gylf (SnE 1982, 26) as sonr Sifjar, stjúpsonr Þórs ‘son of Sif, stepson of Þórr’. Although Ullr appears frequently in man-kennings, this is his only appearance in a battle-kenning (LP: Ullr). The kenning is not entirely satisfactory, since we would expect an additional component, possibly alluding to Ullr’s ship, Skjǫldr, in the determinant. — [7] skreytiárum (dat. pl.) ‘decorous envoys’: This edn follows all previous eds in adopting Sveinbjörn Egilsson’s suggested reconstruction, made in a marginal note to the 444ˣ transcript. — [8] skorðu (f. gen. sg.) ‘boat-prop’: It is necessary to emend ms. ‘skorda’ (f. nom. sg.) for grammatical reasons.


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