Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Sigv Lv 6I

[1-4]: The syntax of the helmingr can be construed in various ways. (a) Finnur Jónsson in Skj B makes an intercalary clause of en … hér finnumk meir ‘and we shall meet here again’, but as Kock (NN §672) points out, this isolates en oddly. (b) Finnur Jónsson (1934a, 39) eventually came to favour the present arrangement, which is also adopted in ÍF 27, Jón Skaptason (1983) and Hkr 1991. At ‘at’ is construed with gen. sg. hallar þinnar ‘your hall’ (cf. LP: at C for further examples of at with gen., though the examples involve genitives referring to persons). The seeming isolation of at in l. 3 is signalled and compensated for by metrical stress on the word. (Finnur Jónsson, 1934a, 39, wonders whether Sigvatr gave at a long vowel as in Norw. åt, since the initial lift should be a heavy syllable.) (c) Kock urges instead that at should be construed with kømk ‘I return’ or ‘I get through’, analogous to at kom ‘came there’ in Anon (TGT) 38/1III.


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