Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to SnH Lv 8II

[2] gilju vit ‘we both seduce’: Flat has the dual form vit ‘we both’, which must refer to Halli and Haraldr (so also ÍF 9). The variant vér ‘we’ (so 563aˣ) could also be construed as the sg. ‘I’, with Halli speaking about himself. Both Skj B and Skald read giljum vér ‘we seduce’. However, the final -m often drops out directly before the pronouns vér ‘we’ and vit ‘we both’ (see ANG §531.3). The l. is unmetrical because it contains two alliterating staves (vit ‘we both’, viljum ‘please’).


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