Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Þjóð Yt 20I

[4] Ræningi ‘Ræningr’: An exact match for this p. n. is not found in Sweden. Only inexact correspondences are given: (a) Rällinge on the peninsula Fogdön on Lake Mälaren (S. Lindqvist 1921, 84; Yt 1925); (b) Ræwngæ, attested in a charter from the year 1311 (Storm 1899, 112; Yt 1925); and (c) Rauning in the runic inscription from Aspa, Run Sö Fv1948:289VI; see Sundqvist (2005a, 95 n. 38), who reconstructs a p. n. *Røning in Södermanland on the basis of the names of the Swedish district Rönö and the municipality Runtuna.


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