Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to HSt Frag 1I

[8] mól ‘pounded’: The reading in F is ‘níol’ (so also 761bˣ(152r) and F 1871), since although the first three minims could represent ‘m’ (which is printed in Skj A, B, Skald and CPB), the acute accent marks out ‘í’. ‘Níol’, normalised njól, could be a poetic term for ‘night’ (LP: njól f.), but the context seems to require a predicate for stýri, the rudder or steering gear of a ship, and hence emendation to mól, 3rd pers. pret. sg. of mala ‘to grind’, is necessary, and is adopted in previous eds. The verb is normally used of grinding corn, but here seems to represent the motion of the rudder in heavy seas.


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