Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to Anon Mey 7VII

[All]: The idea that Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary, was married three times derives in part from the gospels and in part from the apocryphal work known as Trinubium Annae, of which there is an Icel. extract, giving Anna’s genealogy ( I, 56; Turville-Petre 1947, 138). Anna’s husbands are there said to be Joachim, Cleophas, brother of Joseph, and Salome or Salomas, and her marriage to each man produced a Mary. The first Mary was the mother of Christ, the second, who married one Alphaeus, the mother of four sons, Joseph and the three Apostles James the Less, Simon and Thaddaeus, while the third Mary, who married Zebedee, produced the Apostles John and James the Great. See sts 8-9, and on S. Anne see Wolf 2001.


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