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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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10. Reference material 1. Names of Metres

1. Names of Metres

This is not currently part of the peer-reviewed material of the project. Do not cite as a research publication.

álagsháttr ‘extension’s form’

alhent ‘completely rhymed’

alhnept ‘completely curtailed’

áttmælt ‘eight-times spoken’

bálkarlag ‘section’s metre’

Braga háttr ‘Bragi’s verse-form’

bragarbot ‘poem’s improvement’

bragarháttr ‘poem’s form’

detthent ‘stumbling-rhymed, falling-rhymed’

draughent ‘ghost-rhymed, trunk-rhymed’

dróttkvætt ‘court metre’

drõgur ‘drawings’

dunhent ‘echoing-rhymed’

inn dýri háttr ‘the ornate form’

Egils háttr ‘Egill’s verse-form’

fjórðungalok ‘couplets’ closure’

flagðaháttr ‘ogres’ form’

Fleins háttr ‘Fleinn’s verse-form’

in forna skjálfhenda ‘the ancient tremble-rhyme’

fornyrðislag ‘old story metre’

galdralag ‘incantations’ metre’

greppaminni ‘poets’ reminder’

inn grœnlenzki háttr ‘the verse-form from Greenland’

Haðarlag ‘Hõðr’s metre’

hagmælt ‘skilfully spoken’

hálfhnept ‘half-curtailed’

háttlausa ‘formless’

hjástælt ‘abutted’

hnugghent ‘deprived-rhymed’

hrynjandi háttr ‘the flowing verse-form’

iðurmælt ‘repeatedly spoken’

kimblaband ‘bundle-bond’

klifat ‘repeated’

kviðuháttr ‘poem’s form’

langlokum ‘with late closures’

liðhent ‘helping-rhymed’

ljóðaháttr ‘songs’ form’

málaháttr ‘speeches’ form’

inn meiri stúfr ‘the more apocopated [form]’

it meira kimblaband ‘the greater bundle-bond’

inn mesti stúfr ‘the most apocopated [form]’

in mestu kimblabõnd ‘the greatest bundle-bonds’

in minni alhenda ‘ the lesser complete rhyme’

in minni runhenda ‘the lesser end-rhyme’

in minnsta runhenda ‘the smallest end-rhyme’

munnvõrp ‘mouth-throwings, improvisations’

náhent ‘close-rhymed’

inn nýi háttr ‘the new verse-form’

óbreytt hrynhent ‘unchanged flowing-rhymed’

orðskviðuháttr ‘proverb’s form’

Ragnars háttr ‘Ragnarr’s verse-form’

refhvarfa bróðir ‘the brother of fox-turns’

refhvõrf ‘fox-turns’

rétthent ‘consistently-rhymed’

rétt runhenda ‘consistent end-rhyme’

riðhent ‘rocking-rhymed’

runhent ‘end-rhymed’

samhent ‘coincidental-rhymed’

sextánmælt ‘sixteen-times spoken’

inn skammi háttr ‘the short verse-form’

skjálfhent ‘tremble-rhymed’

skothendr háttr ‘the half-rhymed form’

stamhendr háttr ‘the stuttering-rhymed form’

Starkaðar lag ‘Starkaðr’s metre’

stikkalag ‘needle-metre’

stúfhent ‘stump-rhymed’

stýft ‘apocopated’

stælt ‘intercalated, inlaid’

tilsagt ‘annotated’

tiltekit ‘linked’

Torf-Einars háttr ‘Torf-Einarr’s verse-form’

trollsháttr ‘troll’s verse-form’

tvískelft ‘twice-trembled’

tøgdrápulag ‘journey-poem metre’

tøglag ‘journey-metre’

veggjat ‘wedged, inserted’

þríhent ‘tripple-rhymed’



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