Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

7. Anonymous Poems, Lilja, 60 [Vol. 7, 629-31]

[3] syndum ‘sins’: If Jesus has commited any sins, the devil can snatch his soul away to hell. Cf. the Glossa Ordinaria on Tobit VI.2: Occurrit piscis eum devorare cupiens, et Domino in cruce passo diabolus, quo movente crucifixus erat, advenit, quarens si quid peccati in eo invenisset ‘The fish came desiring to devour him [Tobit], and as the Lord suffered on the cross the devil, who had instigated the crucifixion, came to see if he could find any sin in him’ (Walafridus Strabo, Liber Tobiae, col. 728). Schottmann considers this a closer parallel than Niðrst’s ok hugðisk gleypa mundu hann ok hafa með sér ‘and thought that he would swallow him and carry him away’ (Schottmann 1973, 197).


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