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N KJ50 (NKJ50) - Strøm (NIæR 52)

inscription; c600-800;

Location: Strøm, Strøm sn, Sør-Trøndelag fylke - now in Vitenskapsmuseet, Trondheim, Norway (NIæR 52);
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Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: N KJ50 $U 
place: Strøm 
parish: Strøm sn 
district: Sør-Trøndelag fylke 
placement: Vitenskapsmuseet, NTNU (8780) 
original place?:  
new coords:  
RAÄ number:  
rune types:  
cross form:  
period/dating: U 520/530-560/570? (Imer 2007) 
style group:  
material/object: bryne, sandsten 
reference: NIæR 52; $=Aag 1980;  
image link:  
rune text: wate h=ali hino horn=a ¶ h=ah=a skaþi h=aþu ligi  
old west norse: Wate halli hino horna. Haha skaþi, haþu ligi.  
original language: Wate halli hino horna. Haha skaþi, haþu ligi.  
english: May the horn wet this stone. May it harm the hey/gras, but lie (peacefully) in a fight.  
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references to women (MZ):  
magic category (CO):  
magic attitude (CO): neutral 
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N KJ50, 1 (h100dpi) N KJ50, 1 (b302dpi) N KJ50, 1 (b300dpi) N KJ50, 1 (b301dpi)
N KJ50, 2 (b300dpi) N KJ50, 2 (d300dpi)
N KJ50, A (d300dpi)
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