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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Poems (Anon)

VII. Gyðingsvísur (Gyð) - 10

not in Skj

Gyðingsvísur (‘Vísur about a Jew’) — Anon GyðVII

Katrina Attwood 2007, ‘(Introduction to) Anonymous, Gyðingsvísur’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 515-26.

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Skj: [Anonyme digte og vers XIV]: [B. 13]. Af et digt om en rig mand, der gav alt sit bort, Gyðingsvísur. (AII, 539-41, BII, 597-9)

SkP info: VII, 520-1

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4 — Anon Gyð 4VII

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Cite as: Katrina Attwood (ed.) 2007, ‘Anonymous Poems, Gyðingsvísur 4’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 520-1.

Ófs fekk orðstír hæfan
auðar mildr, sem vildi,
gráns fyr gjöfli sína
grafþveings boði veingis.
Átti vin, því að veitti
vell …dr ímu svellir,
hann und hverjum runni
Hamdis bríkr af slíku.

{Boði {veingis {gráns grafþveings}}}, mildr auðar, fekk hæfan orðstír, sem vildi, fyr sína ófs gjöfli. Hann átti vin und hverjum {runni {Hamdis bríkr}} af slíku, því að {…dr svellir ímu} veitti vell.

{The offerer {of the land {of the grey grave-thong}}} [SNAKE > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN], generous with wealth, secured a fitting reputation, as he wanted, for his excessive munificence. He had a friend in every {bush {of Hamðir’s <hero> board}} [SHIELD > MAN] on account of such [generosity], because {the … sweller of battle} [WARRIOR] gave out gold.

Mss: B(14v), 399a-bˣ

Readings: [2] sem vildi: so 399a‑bˣ, ‘s[...]llde’ B, ‘s[...]illde’ BRydberg, BFJ    [4] veingis: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘v[...]ngiss’ B    [6] vell: ‘ve[...]’ all;    …dr: ‘[...]dr’ B, 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, ‘[...]ndr’ BFJ    [8] Hamdis: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘hamd[...]ss’ B;    bríkr: so 399a‑bˣ, BRydberg, BFJ, ‘brik[...]’ B

Editions: Skj: [Anonyme digte og vers XIV], [B. 13]. Af et digt om en rig mand, der gav alt sit bort 4: AII, 540, BII, 598, Skald II, 331, NN §§1850, 2980; Rydberg 1907, 42, 59; Attwood 1996a, 347.

Notes: [6] vell: Sveinbjörn Egilsson (note to 444ˣ transcription) suggests reconstruction to vell, which has been adopted by all subsequent eds. — [6] …dr: The beginning of this word is lost in a large hole, though ‘dr’ is certain. Finnur Jónsson (Skj A) indicated that ‘ndr’ were visible to him. The essential sense of the st. is clear from the remaining words, and the most likely loss is therefore some monosyllabic adj. qualifying svellir ímu or an additional part of the determinant of the warrior-kenning. Jón Sigurðsson, in a n. to his 444ˣ transcript, suggests that the missing word might be mildr but this seems unlikely, since that word occupies the corresponding position in the first helmingr. Kock (NN §2980) reconstructs endr, which, he claims, acts in conjunction with the pret. to form a version of the pluperfect tense. He construes þvít ímu svellir veitti endr vell ‘because the sweller of battle had given out gold’. — [7-8] runni Hamðis bríkr ‘bush (dat. sg.) of Hamðir’s board [SHIELD > MAN]’: The story of the hero Hamðir and his brother Sǫrli, sons of Guðrún Gjúkadóttir by Jónakr, is recounted in a number of ON poems and prose texts, e.g. Hamð, Bragi Rdr 3-7III; Skm (SnE 1998, I, 49-50); Vǫls, chs 41-4. The name Hamðir occurs frequently in kennings for stone, mailcoat and, here, for shield (LP: Hamðir). On the gen. sg. of brík, f., which may be in -ar or -r, see LP: brík and Thomson 1987, 148.

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