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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Friðþjófr Þorsteinsson (FriðÞ)

volume 8; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross;

Lausavísur (Lv) - 33

not in Skj

Lausavísur — FriðÞ LvVIII (Frið)

Not published: do not cite (FriðÞ LvVIII (Frið))

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SkP info: VIII, 211

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11 — FriðÞ Lv 11VIII (Frið 13)

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Cite as: Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.) 2017, ‘Friðþjófs saga ins frœkna 13 (Friðþjófr Þorsteinsson, Lausavísur 11)’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry in fornaldarsögur. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 8. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 211.

Brustu báðir hálsar
í báru hafs stórri;
sukku sveinar fjórir
í sæ ógrunnan.

Báðir hálsar brustu í stórri báru hafs; fjórir sveinar sukku í ógrunnan sæ.

Both sides of the bow broke apart in the enormous wave of the ocean; four men sank into the deep sea.

Mss: papp17ˣ(359r), 109a IIˣ(147v), 1006ˣ(585), 173ˣ(86r) (Frið)

Editions: Skj: Anonyme digte og vers [XIII], E. 7. Vers af Fornaldarsagaer: Af Friðþjófssaga ens frækna I 13: AII, 272, BII, 294, Skald II, 155; Falk 1890, 75, Frið 1893, 16, Frið 1901, 24.

Context: Friðþjófr speaks yet another stanza after an enormous wave has broken the bows of the ship and four men were washed overboard.

Notes: [All]: This dróttkvætt helmingr is extant only in the B redaction mss. It covers much the same ground as the first four lines of Frið 14, which is extant only in the A redaction mss. Thus it appears to be an alternative composition and suggests that the B redaction ms. tradition may have lost the equivalent of Frið 14. — [1] hálsar ‘sides of the bow’: The prose text of the B redaction explains (Frið 1901, 24): Þá kom áfall svá mikit, at frá laust vígin ok hálsana báða ‘Then came such a heavy sea that the gunwale and both sides of the bow broke apart’. The noun háls, lit. ‘neck’, can refer to several different parts of a ship (cf. Þul Skipa 7/5III and Note), but here seems most likely to denote the ends of the curved strakes running up to the prow. — [4] í ógrunnan sæ ‘into the deep sea’: The line is hypometrical, and both Skj B and Skald emend to sæ enn ógrunna, which provides an extra syllable, but produces a structurally irregular Type B-line.

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