Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Lv 4I/6 — af ‘from’

Gǫrbœnn mun ek Gunnar
gammteitǫndum heitinn
— áðr þôgum vér ægis
eld —, ef nú biðk felda.
Landaura veit, lúru
látrþverrandi, af knerri
enn of ganga, engis
— ek hef sjalfr krafit— halfa.

Ek mun heitinn gǫrbœnn Gunnar gammteitǫndum, ef nú biðk felda; áðr þôgum vér eld ægis. Veit, engis lúru látrþverrandi, halfa landaura of ganga enn af knerri; ek hef sjalfr krafit.

I will be called importunate by gladdeners of the vulture of Gunnr <valkyrie> [(lit. ‘vulture-gladdeners of Gunnr’) RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIORS] if now I ask for skins; already we [I] have received the flame of the sea [GOLD]. Allow, diminisher of the lair of the halibut of the meadow [(lit. ‘lair-diminisher of the halibut of the meadow’) SERPENT > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN], half the landing tax to go again from the merchant ship; I have myself requested [it].


[6] af: at Flat, ‘[…]’ 325XI 2 l



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