Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hharð Lv 2aII/1 — Réðk

Réðk, en benjar blœða,
— búþegna sák megna
lið; fekk lindar váði
lífs grand — í bǫð standa.

Réðk standa í bǫð, en benjar blœða; sák búþegna megna lið; váði lindar fekk grand lífs.

I stood in battle, and the wounds bled; I saw farmers strengthen their host; the distress of the linden-shield [SWORD] dealt death.


[1] Réðk: Reið ek both


[1, 4] réðk standa ‘I stood’: Lit. ‘I decided to stand’. Reiðk ‘I rode’ has been emended to réðk to provide an auxiliary for the inf. standa ‘to stand’ (so also Skj B; Skald).



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