Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 33VII/6 — unaðs ‘of joy’

Oss bjargi Jésús;
ógnframr himins gramr
dýrðar láti vár orð
endaz, meðan veröld stendr,
svá að heim á degi dóms
dróttinn í unaðs gnótt
ýta laði ágætr
alla; það er bragar fall.

Jésús bjargi oss; ógnframr gramr himins láti vár dýrðar orð endaz, meðan veröld stendr, svá að ágætr dróttinn laði alla ýta heim í gnótt unaðs á dóms degi; það er fall bragar.

May Jesus save us; may the ruler of heaven, outstanding [= God] in battle, make our words of glory last as long as the world exists, so that the magnificent Lord may invite all men home to abundance of joy on Judgement Day; that is the end of the poem.


[6] unaðs (‘vāds’): ‘vogt’ 1032ˣ, 399a‑bˣ, 2166ˣ


[6] í unaðs: ‘vāds’ is written in the left margin in 721, and the scribe has put a sign to indicate where it should be inserted into the text. Jón Sigurðsson suggests í ríki sitt in the margin in 399a-bˣ.



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