Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 23VII/3 — giefaz ‘turn out’

‘Þetta hæfir þier trautt;
þú gjöriz viltr nú,
gjóða, mun svá giefaz yðr
grennir’, kváðu brúðmenn.
‘Virðaz mun sjá fira ferð
fráleit, ef þú gjörir svá,
Gautr, ef þú glepr, mætr
gullstaups, brullaup.’

‘Þetta hæfir þier trautt; nú gjöriz þú viltr; svá mun giefaz yðr, grennir gjóða’, kváðu brúðmenn. ‘Sjá ferð fira mun virðaz fráleit, ef þú gjörir svá, mætr Gautr gullstaups, ef þú glepr brullaup.’

‘This hardly suits you; now you have gone astray; so it will turn out for you, feeder of ospreys [WARRIOR]’, said the groomsmen. ‘This journey of men will seem very bad, if you do so, excellent Gautr <= Óðinn> of the golden cup [MAN], if you confound the wedding feast.’



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