Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 22VII/7 — skjótt ‘quickly’

Hyrjar nam hvata ferð
hranna eftir draum þann
lýtir, en láðbrjótr
linna kvaddi flokk sinn:
‘Brullaups gjöriz brátt fall;
beimar skulu fara heim;
skjótt hefir skipaz mitt
skap; e*mka eg þó dapr’.

Lýtir hyrjar hranna nam hvata ferð eftir þann draum, en linna láðbrjótr kvaddi flokk sinn: ‘Fall brullaups gjöriz brátt; beimar skulu fara heim; skap mitt hefir skipaz skjótt; þó e*mka eg dapr’.

The destroyer of the fire of the waves [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] began to hasten his journey after that dream, and the breaker of the land of snakes [(lit. ‘land-breaker of snakes’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] addressed his party: ‘A cancellation of the wedding feast is happening suddenly; men must go home; my mind has changed quickly, yet I am not sad’.



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