Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 14VII/2 — sunda ‘of the straits’

Svanna spurði sól-Njörðr
sunda á þá lund:
‘Hví sætir hrygð sjá?
Hnossa, segðu, Skögul oss!’
Vera liet vegskorð
víkelds því oflík
svarað, því er sagt er,
seiða við gulls meið.

Sunda sól-Njörðr spurði svanna á þá lund: ‘Hví sætir sjá hrygð? Segðu oss, Skögul hnossa!’ Seiða víkelds oflík vegskorð liet því vera svarað við meið gulls, því er sagt er.

The Njörðr <god> of the sun of the straits [(lit. ‘sun-Njörðr of the straits’) GOLD > MAN] asked the woman in this way: ‘What is the reason for this sadness? Tell us [me], Skögul <valkyrie> of costly things [WOMAN]!’ The unique, noble prop of the fire of the bay of coal-fish [(lit. ‘prop of the bay-fire of coal-fish’) SEA > GOLD > WOMAN] let that [question] be answered to the tree of gold [MAN] with that which will be told.




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