Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 12VII/6 — stund ‘for a while’

Kirkju sótti krossmarks
kennir, en brúðmenn
byggvis skyldu byrviggs
bíða, unz hann lyki tíð.
Höfgi rann á segg sýnn;
sofa gjörði stund þá
byrjar, er á bæn var,
blakkþollr gieðrakkr.

Kennir krossmarks sótti kirkju, en brúðmenn byggvis byrviggs skyldu bíða, unz hann lyki tíð. Sýnn höfgi rann á segg, er var á bæn; byrjar blakkþollr gieðrakkr gjörði þá sofa stund.

The knower of the sign [HOLY MAN] of the cross attended church, but the groomsmen of the inhabitant of the wind-horse [SHIP > SEAFARER] had to wait until he finished his devotions. An evident drowsiness came over the man, who was at prayer; the mind-bold tree of the horse of the wind [(lit. ‘horse-tree of the wind’) SHIP > SEAFARER] then did sleep for a while.



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