Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Brúðv 10VII/5 — Drótt ‘People’

Síðan var fest, fljóð
— færri þótti betr — mær
með auði ilrjóð
ara, því að göfugt var.
Drótt fekk að boði brátt,
— beimum óx gleði þeim —
skata því að skýr snót,
skilið, hugði gott til.

Mær var síðan fest ilrjóð ara með auði; færri þótti betr, því að fljóð var göfugt. Drótt fekk brátt skilið að boði; þeim beimum óx gleði, því að skýr snót skata hugði gott til.

A maiden was then betrothed to the footsole-reddener of the eagle [WARRIOR] with wealth; few [lit. fewer] were thought better, for the woman was noble. People soon parted at the feast; good cheer increased for those men, because the bright woman of the man was well pleased with this.


[5, 8] drótt fekk ... skilið ‘people ... parted’: An alternative interpretation would be ‘people ... got to know [the news]’ at the feast, hence the increase in good cheer.



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