Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þstf Stuttdr 4II/6 — þrama ‘of ship-railings’

Bað gramr guma
gunnhagr draga
byrvarga á bjarg
blásvarta tvá,
þás í reipum
ramdýr þrama
sigu fyr hellis
hliðdyrr með lið.

Gunnhagr gramr bað guma draga tvá blásvarta byrvarga á bjarg, þás ramdýr þrama sigu í reipum með lið fyr hliðdyrr hellis.

The battle-skilled monarch bade the men drag two blue-black wolves of favourable breeze [SHIPS] onto the cliff, when the strong animals of ship-railings [SHIPS] slid down in the ropes with the company before the side-door of the cavern.


[6] ramdýr þrama: ‘[...]’ Hr, rammdýr þramma 42ˣ




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