Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þfisk Lv 2II/3 — Gaf ‘gave’

Heyr á uppreist orða,
ótvínn konungr, mína!
Gaf mér gull it rauða
gramr; vas þat fyr skǫmmu.
Saddir ǫrn, ok eyddir
ǫrum blámanna fjǫrvi;
gall styrfengins stillis
strengr; vas þat fyr lengra.

Ótvínn konungr, heyr á uppreist orða mína! Gramr gaf mér it rauða gull; þat vas fyr skǫmmu. Saddir ǫrn, ok eyddir fjǫrvi blámanna ǫrum; strengr styrfengins stillis gall; þat vas fyr lengra.

Unwavering king, hear the improvement of my poetry! The ruler gave me red gold; that was recently. You satiated the eagle, and destroyed the lives of dark men with arrows; the bowstring of the battle-fit lord resounded; that was longer ago.


[3] Gaf mér gull it rauða: gæddir gull rauðan Flat



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