Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Óldr 10II/8 — þrǫm ‘the edge’

Gengu danskir drengir
(dynr varð gǫrr) með brynjur
útanborðs til jarðar
(úrigs malms) ok hjalma.
Sukku sárir rekkar
sunnan hafs til grunna;
hár varp hausum þeira
hranngarðr á þrǫm jarðar.

Danskir drengir gengu útanborðs til jarðar með brynjur ok hjalma; dynr úrigs malms varð gǫrr. Sárir rekkar sukku til grunna sunnan hafs; hár hranngarðr varp hausum þeira á þrǫm jarðar.

Danish warriors went overboard [and sank] to the bottom with byrnies and helmets; the din of wet metal [BATTLE] was over. Wounded champions sank to the shallows south of the sea; the high wave-enclosure [SEA] threw their skulls onto the edge of the earth.


[8] á þrǫm jarðar ‘onto the edge of the earth’: I.e. ‘onto the shore’.



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