Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Óldr 4II/5 — breiðan ‘on the broad’

Fylkir lét in fljótu
flaust, es leið at hausti;
skaut í haf, þars heitir
Hrafnseyrr, konungr stafni.
Trôðu borðveg breiðan;
brimsgangr skipa langra
óðr fell sær of súðir.
Sik beztan gram miklu.

Fylkir lét in fljótu flaust, es leið at hausti; konungr skaut stafni í haf, þars heitir Hrafnseyrr. Trôðu breiðan borðveg; brimsgangr, óðr sær, fell of súðir langra skipa. …Sik beztan gram miklu….

The lord set the swift ships in motion when it drew close to autumn; the king pushed the prow out to sea at the place called Ravenseer. [The ships] trod on the broad gunwale-road [SEA]; the rough sea, the raging ocean, poured over the sides of the long ships. …Himself [to be] the very best ruler….




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