Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Óldr 13II/1 — Gefr ‘gives out’

Gefr áttstuðill jǫfra
ǫrr ok steinda knǫrru
(hann vill hnøggvi sinnar)
hábrynjuð skip (synja).
Þjóð nýtr Óláfs auðar;
annarr konungr mǫnnum,
seðu, hverr slíkt fé reiðir!
Sik beztan gram miklu.

Ǫrr áttstuðill jǫfra gefr hábrynjuð skip ok steinda knǫrru; hann vill synja hnøggvi sinnar. Þjóð nýtr auðar Óláfs; seðu, hverr annarr konungr reiðir mǫnnum slíkt fé! …Sik beztan gram miklu….

The generous lineage-pillar of princes [KING = Óláfr] gives out armoured ships and painted merchantmen; he wishes to deny his parsimony. People enjoy Óláfr’s wealth; look, what other king gives men such riches! …Himself [to be] the very best ruler….



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