Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Óldr 6II/8 — undir ‘beneath [the sun]’

Heldr, síz hári foldu
heiptbráðr jǫfurr náði,
— ætt þreifsk Egða dróttins —
ólaust konungr stóli.
Mætr hilmir verr malmi
— mank skjǫldungs lof — kǫldum
Rauma grund ok rǫndu.
Ríklundaðr veit undir.

Konungr heldr stóli ólaust, síz heiptbráðr jǫfurr náði hári foldu; ætt dróttins Egða þreifsk. Mætr hilmir verr grund Rauma kǫldum malmi ok rǫndu; mank lof skjǫldungs. Ríklundaðr veit undir….

The king holds the throne unwaveringly since the quick-tempered prince took possession of the lofty land; the family of the lord of the Egðir [NORWEGIAN KING = S. Óláfr] has prospered. The esteemed ruler defends the land of the Raumar [= Norway] with the cold metal and the shield; I recall the hero’s reputation. Proud-minded knows beneath [the sun]….


[8] undir: undan Hr



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