Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Steinn Óldr 7II/7 — Ulfs ‘Úlfr’s’

Sín óðǫl mun Sveini
sóknstrangr í Kaupangi,
þars heilagr gramr hvílir,
— hanns ríkr jǫfurr — banna.
Ætt sinni mun unna
Ôláfr konungr hôla
(Ulfs þarfat þar arfi)
alls Nóregs (til kalla).

Sóknstrangr í Kaupangi, þars heilagr gramr hvílir, mun banna Sveini óðǫl sín; hanns ríkr jǫfurr. Ôláfr konungr mun hôla unna ætt sinni alls Nóregs; arfi Ulfs þarfat kalla til þar.

The battle-strong one in Trondheim, where the holy ruler rests, will refuse Sveinn his [Óláfr’s] ancestral properties; he is a mighty prince. King Óláfr will certainly grant his kin all Norway; Úlfr’s heir [= Sveinn] need not make a claim there.




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