Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Berv 6II/4 — gôfu ‘brought’

Rétt hykk kjósa knôttu
karlfolk ok svá jarla,
af þvít eignum lofða
Ôláfar frið gôfu.
Haralds arfi lét haldask
hvardyggr ok sonr Tryggva
lǫg, þaus lýðar þôgu,
laukjǫfn, af þeim nǫfnum.

Hykk karlfolk ok svá jarla knôttu kjósa rétt, af þvít Ôláfar gôfu eignum lofða frið. Hvardyggr arfi Haralds ok sonr Tryggva lét haldask laukjǫfn lǫg, þaus lýðar þôgu af þeim nǫfnum.

I think that both farmers and jarls knew how to choose rightly, because [the two] Óláfrs brought protection to people’s properties. The very reliable heir of Haraldr [= Óláfr Haraldsson] and the son of Tryggvi [= Óláfr Tryggvason] let the just laws be upheld, which men received from those namesakes.


[4] gôfu: ‘gafe’ 325VII, gfut 325V



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