Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhelg Lv 3I/8 — hvǫssum ‘with a sharp’

Segið þat Karla,        es komið þangat,
nýtum þegni        fyr norðan haf,
at fleira skal        í fǫrum vinna
an hylda hval        hvǫssum knífi.

Segið þat Karla, nýtum þegni, fyr norðan haf, es komið þangat, at skal vinna fleira í fǫrum an hylda hval hvǫssum knífi.

Say this [lit. that] to Karli, a handy lad, north across the sea, when you get there, that [he] must do more on his travels than butcher whale with a sharp knife.



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