Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Okík Magn 2II/1 — Felldu ‘shed’

Felldu menn, þás mildan,
mǫrg tôr, í grǫf bôru
(þung byrðr vas sú) þengil
(þeim, es hann gaf seima).
Deildisk hugr, svát heldu
húskarlar grams varla
— siklings þjóð en síðan
sat opt hnipin — vatni.

Menn felldu mǫrg tôr, þás bôru mildan þengil í grǫf; sú vas þung byrðr þeim, es hann gaf seima. Hugr deildisk, svát húskarlar grams heldu varla vatni, en opt síðan sat þjóð siklings hnipin.

Men shed many tears when they carried the generous lord to his grave; that was a heavy burden for those to whom he gave gold. The mind was in turmoil, so that the ruler’s housecarls could hardly refrain from weeping, and often thereafter the prince’s people sat drooping.



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