Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ník Jóndr 3VII/7 — Jón ‘John’

Sjalfr unni þér sinna
snjallr postola allra
sal deilandi sólar
siklingr framast miklu.
Hátt gengr vegr, sás veitir
vagnbryggju þér tyggi;
Jón, est hreinstr und háva
hjarlborg skapaðr karla.

Sjalfr snjallr siklingr, deilandi sal sólar, unni þér miklu framast allra sinna postola; vegr, sás tyggi vagnbryggju veitir þér, gengr hátt; Jón, est skapaðr hreinstr karla und háva hjarlborg.

The wise Lord himself, sharing out the hall of the sun [SKY/HEAVEN], loved you by far the most of all his Apostles. The honour which the ruler of the wagon-bridge [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] grants to you rises high; John, you are created the most pure of men under the high earth-castle [SKY/HEAVEN].



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