Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mberf Lv 5II/1 — eigi ‘not’

Jǫrp mun eigi verpa
arm-Hlín* á glæ sínum;
orð spyrk gollhrings Gerðar
góð of skald í hljóði.
Annk, þótt eigi finnak
opt, goðvefjar þoptu;
viti menn, at hykk hennar
hôla rœkðarmôlum.

Jǫrp arm-Hlín* mun eigi verpa sínum á glæ; spyrk í hljóði góð orð Gerðar gollhrings of skald. Annk þoptu goðvefjar, þótt eigi finnak opt; viti menn, at hykk hôla rœkðarmôlum hennar.

The brown-haired Hlín <goddess> of the arm [WOMAN] will not throw away her [words] to no avail; I hear in secret the kind words of the Gerðr <goddess> of the gold ring [WOMAN] about the skald. I love the thwart of precious cloth [WOMAN], although I don’t often meet [her]; let men know that I think very highly of her caring comments.



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