Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 6II/1 — Vinða ‘of the Wends’

Vǫrgum eyddi Vinða fergir;
víking hepti konungr fíkjum;
þjófa hendr lét þengill stýfa;
þegnum kunni ósið hegna.
Aldri frásk, at Eirekr vildi
allréttligum dómi halla;
hôla kunni sér til sælu
sigrs valdari guðs lǫg halda.

Fergir Vinða eyddi vǫrgum; konungr hepti víking fíkjum; þengill lét stýfa hendr þjófa; kunni hegna þegnum ósið. Aldri frásk, at Eirekr vildi halla allréttligum dómi; valdari sigrs kunni hôla halda lǫg guðs til sælu sér.

The vanquisher of the Wends [= Eiríkr] destroyed outlaws; the king put an end to piracy fiercely; the prince caused thieves’ hands to be struck off; he knew how to punish men for wrong behaviour. Never was it heard said, that Eiríkr wished to sway the right judgement; the wielder of victory [WARRIOR] knew well to observe the laws of God for his well-being.




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