Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 30II/5 — hegni ‘the punisher’

Hvergi stóðusk hjǫrva borgar
hristimeiðar konungs reiði;
raunar varðat rǫnd við hônum
reist; gerðut þess jǫfrar freista.
Ógnir stóðu af jarla hegni;
engi þorði kapp at strengja
— flestir uggðu foldvǫrð hraustan —
fylkir snarr við Dana harra.

Hristimeiðar borgar hjǫrva stóðusk hvergi reiði konungs; raunar varðat rǫnd reist við hônum; jǫfrar gerðut freista þess. Ógnir stóðu af hegni jarla; engi snarr fylkir þorði at strengja kapp við harra Dana; flestir uggðu hraustan foldvǫrð.

The brandishing-trees of the stronghold of swords [SHIELD > WARRIORS] withstood not at all the rage of the king; in truth a shield was not raised against him; princes did not attempt this. Terrors were inspired by the punisher of jarls [KING]; not one keen leader dared to test his strength against the lord of the Danes [= Eiríkr]; most feared the brave land-guardian.


[5] hegni: meiði 180b, 20b II




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