Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Mark Eirdr 27II/4 — gǫfguð ‘decorated’

Bôru menn ór borgum stórum
bleyðiskjarrs á móti harra
— sungit vas, þás herr tók hringja —
hnossum gǫfguð skrín ok krossa.
Aldri fær í annars veldi
jǫfra ríkir metnað slíkan;
eitt vas sér, þats jafnask mátti
engi maðr við Dana þengil.

Menn bôru skrín, gǫfguð hnossum, ok krossa ór stórum borgum á móti bleyðiskjarrs harra; vas sungit, þás herr tók hringja. Ríkir jǫfra fær aldri slíkan metnað í veldi annars; eitt vas sér, þats engi maðr mátti jafnask við þengil Dana.

Men carried reliquaries, decorated with precious ornaments, and crosses out of great towns towards the cowardice-shy lord; there was singing, when men began to ring. A ruler of princes [KING] will never receive such honour in the realm of another [ruler]; unique it was, that no man could equal the prince of the Danes [= Eiríkr].


[4] gǫfguð: gǫfugt 180b, 20b II



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